To ensure the product or application is intuitive and easy to use, Mode 77 offers usability testing with the audience segment or demographic that will be using your product. Understanding the behavior of your users, essentially their cognitive psychology, determines whether your product will succeed, be profitable and/or effective, as well as meet organizational metrics.

Usability Testing typically includes any of the following methods: quick Low-Fidelity testing of initial wireframes or sketches to ensure we’re going in the right direction; High-Fidelity testing of clickable visual design comps to garner user feedback prior to product launch; A/B multivariate product testing post-launch. The best method really depends upon the following variables: project timing, team consensus, prior testing, budget, and complexity of the product.

Testing is incredibly important because it gauges user interaction with the product’s key features and whether they can accomplish tasks and objectives. Based on test findings, the team can then modify the navigation, content, structure, and visual design before implementation and programming begins. The purpose is to make the product as intuitive as possible for the optimal user experience. Next, find out about Content Strategy >