Visual Design

This is usually the more “fun” part of any project – where we see actual design iterations of what your product could look like. We initially start off with Mood Boards to determine the appropriate artistic feeling and visual tone for your product, then create Interface Design Comps.

The Comps are informed from prior phases of the project, for example, Business Requirements, Information Architecture, Wireframe Prototyping, Content Strategy, and Usability to ensure we’re incorporating learned lessons along the way, and importantly what your users have expressed.

It’s during this phase of the project life-cycle where we produce engaging and intuitive user interfaces with color palette options, typography styles, images, photography and graphics – whether for a Website, iPad device, Mobile, Smartphone, or System application.

Responsive Design can be incorporated so your product is accessible and view-able across multiple devices, for example, from desktop and laptop, to iPad and Kindle, to mobile and smartphone devices.

You will have various options and Design iterations to choose from before we move to the actual development and programming of the interface. Next, find out about Programming >